Corporate Design

When you have decided on your new logo, or find it’s time to reflect the substantial expansion of your business with a redesigned logo, the next step is to develop a corporate design or identity.

Behind this concept is the definition of all the many ways you can apply your logo within your business. Advertisement formats are defined and established. The position of your logo on the various print material and digital formats is established (business paper, advertisements, websites, packing slips, delivery vouchers, invoices, other forms, and on company vehicles).

How does your company colours react with the logo. What does the design look like  in black and white, on fax paper? There’s a mountain of questions for consideration and all the possible alternatives to be thought through before the answers are defined and then entered into a manual.

This manual will later be where all decision-makers on your staff will find answers to the daily questions. Because there, you as company head have established and defined everything of relevance in this field. Huge amounts of time are spared in questions and discussions. For instance:

  • on design of brochures for New Zealand,
  • for the advertising campaign in North America,
  • on the design of Christmas cards for your German clients,
  • the design details of your employee magazine created by your apprentices.

Some time invested in a thorough and comprehensive corporate design will save many questions and a lot of costs later on in daily business. It will represent an investment that will pay for itself in the medium and long-term!